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Andrew Dent, Managing DirectorBeing an owner/manager for over a decade has given me great insights into all aspects of running a successful business.

I have built a very strong team of dedicated professionals that share my vision of quality and hard work. We concentrate on doing what is right - for the customer and for the company - and for the individual.

IT’s the ‘back to school blues’

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Rising numbers of teachers will suffer the 'back to school blues’ when they return from their six weeks’ holiday to start a new academic year this September.


Dancing in the spotlight for the right reasons

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Let’s be honest for a moment. IT companies only really become visible when there’s a ‘crisis’ and issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible.


IT firm hosts Birmingham Forward’s team and PCs after flood

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Birmingham Forward, the leading lobbying and networking organisation representing the city professional and financial services sector, found itself in an operational crisis for when its city centre offices were flooded out by a burst pipe.


A home truth on cost saving

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Our photocopier has taken pride of place in the centre of our office – but not because it’s a state-of-the-art machine which makes our working lives easier. It now serves as a constant reminder that every member of staff has a responsibility to keep a close eye on costs in the current economic climate.


Why SaaS isn’t the emperor’s new clothes

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There’s no doubt that Software as a Service (SaaS) could dramatically improve the IT capabilities of many SMEs in the region, but its biggest plus point could turn out to be the major stumbling block to mass uptake in 2009.

The sheer simplicity of SaaS raises the question of whether it is the IT world’s version of the emperor’s new clothes.

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