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Watts IT energy saving all about?

The European Union has finally outlawed the 100 watt incandescent light bulb and Iím guessing that it wonít be long before the other bulbs in the range face the same fate.


Big benefits of simple changes

Iím proud of being a Yorkshireman and do confess to fitting the stereotype on a number of levels, including being careful with the pennies.


Complete lunacy gives IT a bad name

I never thought Iíd see the day that I felt a genuine affinity with TVís Jeremy Clarkson.

But an incident yesterday made my blood boil and I feel a vitriolic diatribe coming on that is worthy of the Top Gear motormouth.


Innovit article appears in Director of Finance

Innovit has had a feature article published in Director of Finance discussing getting grants for going green. This is part of the special report on the carbon agenda. Read the article in full


Comedian Enfield not laughing after laptop theft

When comedian Harry Enfield was recently held to ransom by thieves demanding £750 for the return of a laptop, which was stolen from his wifeís car and contained material for the next series of the Harry & Paul show for BBC2, the newspapers had a field day.

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